Dispatch From The Golden Hallways

Editor’s Post


The American public school system is immensely fucked up, proven by the animal-like division of my middle school. Each grade was divided into two “teams” – the Red team and the Gold team. Each team had a separate side of the school, its own hallways, its own teachers, and its own social ramifications.  The Gold team harbored more “honors” students and the Red team certainly had honors students of its own, but was more skewed in delinquency. I would write out a diatribe asking how these people could have ever thought that this was humane or healthy or made sense, but then again, I took part in a public school system where the district passed abstinence-only education for all of our sex ed classes through high school. A teacher told us once that he could get fired if he said the word “condom” out loud to us. So, asking why my school was set up in a dumb way seems a moot point.

Middle school was hard. With a Lord of the Flies-esque set-up and popular kids with alcoholic parents who didn’t pay attention, I grew up a little too fast, and learned bitterness a little too early.


Below are verbatim excerpts from my middle school diary. Only names have been changed.



May 4th, 2005. Wednesday.

Dear Diary,

I didn’t make cheerleading! It sux really bad, but I’m this other cheer thing so hopefully that will be fun. I really don’t like Katie & Patti! Katie was just using me and now she won’t even speak to me.

I might be going to a Good Charlotte/Simple Plan/Relient K concert? I’m excited but my parents are still thinking about it. I am praying it will work out!


May 22nd, 2005. Sunday Night.

We have only 2 more days of school! The last 3 days are exams, blegh!! Me & Patti & Katie are still fighting. OMG on exam days we can’t bring backpacks cuz they are afraid we’re gonna bring prank supplies, so I brought my mom’s tote bag and they took it away!! It is so DUMB!! So I hafta get it back tomorrow night. Ugh! They are so friggin GAY!! I’m bringing a plastic shopping bag tomorrow, hopefully it won’t count as a “backpack”. LOL!


Thursday, June 8th, 2005

Dear Diary,

School’s out!!

On Tuesday night I went to go see “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, which I LOVED!!! I had plans to go with Maddie & them but they were being bitchy liars & ditched me. I really hate how everyone loves them but they are all so cruel-hearted and insensitive. Today my dad got us a Playstation 2!! It’s great!! Luvya!! ❤ ❤ Liz A.

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