Cute Car Design Tricks For When You Drive Yourself To Prom

Editor’s Post


(A re-post from the Editor’s blog,


Hey, girlfriend!

Single and lovin’ it?! Not invited to go with the big group to Prom this year?!

Make your car look SUPER CUTE when you’re driving to the Radisson alone on your big night!

Our Expert Design Tips:

– That window writing paint that you saw a ton of during the Homecoming tailgate? You know, the stuff that everybody used to write “Bulldogs ’09″ in their windows? Use it all over your 1999 Chevy Cavalier. The key: use all different colors and make each sentence appear in different handwriting, so that it looks like multiple people actually care about you!

– One word: STREAMERS. All different colors. One for each slow dance that you will spend in a fold-out chair in the back eating mini brownies and adjusting your heel straps.

– A brand new sub-woofer. Duh! How else will everybody else on the freeway hear “Reel Around the Fountain” blast on a loop? Your dad will totally be able to afford it with all the money he’ll save from no limo reservation and no trip to the film-developing desk at CVS.

And lastly, no need to bring your phone along! You won’t need it since your parents know for sure that you’ll be home before 11.

Have fun! And remember, even though this didn’t pan out the way you might have planned, college will so be your thing! We promise!

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