This past weekend our RatB creator, Liz Arcury, put up a show at the Treehouse Theater in Manhattan with her friends. It was about middle school trauma and was mostly an excuse to play Relient K on a loop without having to justify it. 

A feature of the show was REAL middle school diary entries of Liz’s being read aloud by her male friends. Here is one that didn’t make it into the show, but is as rock bottom as it gets. This is from eighth grade.

SOME NOTES: This is all verbatim. Yes, it’s real. The names are the only thing that have been changed. Also, I am okay now. I promise. Also, I used to be very religious. I am currently atheist. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

God & Jesus,

I have SO many things to say. Heather is super popular. I am kinda mad & jealous, but maybe I can be popular, too!! Everyone is so nice at school, just kinda afraid to stray from their friends. My new BFs are Lena, Nikki, and Maddie. They are so cool I can’t get over it, but not too popular, which I am trying to get past. I want to go trick-or-treating w/ Heather but she is supposedly going w/ Alexis, Katherine, & Briana. I asked if I could go w/ them, and its a maybe. We’re getting somewhere!! LOL! My room is almost done being re-done, LOL! :), and it is cool but I don’t really like the curtains & sheets. Hurricane Katrina hit a while back, & it is so horrible what happened. A girl just came to our school from Louisiana, her name is Erin & is very sweet. She’s in 7th grade so I don’t know her that well but I want to help her. Another Cat. 5, Rita, is gonna hit texas & I hope they don’t get damaged as badly as Katrina. I went to a Foo Fighters/Weezer concert & it was tons of fun, except we ate at this place called Golden Corral, which SUCKED ASS!! It is so dirty & smelly & disorganized & unsanitary, I am never eating there again, ever! I hafta go to sleep, Luv u! ❤ always, Liz

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