2007: A Fan Letter to Conan O’Brien

Editor’s Post

Below is a real fan letter, verbatim, that I found when I was back home this weekend cleaning out my childhood bedroom. It is from 2007, when I was 15 years old. All errors (and overuse of parentheses!) included. Enjoy. Yikes.


Hey Conan!

My name’s Liz Arcury and I’m 15 years old. To say I’m a hardcore fan is a huge understatement! I watch “Late Night” every night; it is my favorite show on television. You are an amazing performer and in my opinion the most entertaining guy on TV. Having “Late Night” to look forward to makes my day 1000x better! I absolutely adore you and want to thank you for everything; you’ve affected my life in more ways than one.

This is kind of a long story so I’ll compact it as much as I can. About a year ago I discovered my life passion – musical theatre. I got really into it and then had this sudden realization like “I can’t do that, people like me don’t do this”, because I get good grades and am in honors at school, which is great but unfortunately I am kind of expected by teachers and other kids to become a lawyer or politician, something I’m not at all passionate about. I was depressed because the future seemed really bleak and dull. Then, about two weeks later I was surfing the web and came across you’re speech to Stuyvesant. I found it so moving and I completely broke down crying. That really touched me and changed my life. It pushed me to keep at it since then I’ve gotten roles in two shows, one of them being a lead! I also saw your Harvard speech, which really moved me as well. You’re hilarious and so poignant at the same time; I love the messages you have for young people.

It’s impossible to encompass all that you and your show mean to me in this letter. I am such a happier person and have gained many more friends (and interestingly enough my grades have gone up!) because of things you’ve said and how they’ve changed my attitude about life in general. I’m so grateful to you!

I have a few questions:

Did you ever have musical theatre aspirations when you were younger? Because you are a great song-and-dance man (2006 Emmys!). I could definitely see you starring on Broadway! Do you go see Broadway shows often? If so, what are some of your favorites?

What has been your number one most thrilling showbiz moment so far?

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this letter and acknowledging your fans (I’ve heard nothing but great things from people that have met you!). Even though I’ve never met you, in a weird way you’re kind of like a mentor to me, I’m constantly quoting you whenever I feel discouraged or unsure about something. You are my hero!

From an extremely dedicated (and obsessed!) fan,

Love always,

Liz Arcury

PS: It would mean the world to me if you wrote back and would sign the picture I included! I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope just in case you wanted to. I fully understand that you are a busy man and I won’t be crushed if you don’t.

PPS: If you ever take the show to Florida make sure to come visit me! There are a ton of great places for remotes around here. =)

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