Home Decor

Editor Post


Months ago I bought an IKEA chair that is red and stylish and represented to me my pursuit of writing, as it sits elegantly below my desk and begs to be sat in while I clack away crafting the perfect dialogue.


It quickly became and remains to exist as my Snack Chair. It sits next to my bed, at eye level with me as I leave the waking world every night, holding a bright blue bag of Doritos. It has been known to previously hold hazelnut Pirouettes, multiple tins of Sale & Vinegar Pringles, and Original Flavor Kettle Chips. This is its purpose, and I sit in my bed against uncomfortably stacked pillows and type, just as I’ve written everything I’ve ever written.


The Snack Chair is the third cousin of the Defeat Wall, which stood strong in my first apartment that I sublet in Allston, Massachusetts after my freshman year of college.  It was a particular beige wall in the narrow bathroom that I shared with four men in a windowless basement. It sat across from the toilet, so close in distance that one could sit on the toilet and lean forward to rest their head against the wall, enhancing all reflections of one’s day in an existential manner threefold.


What are you fave home decor items??!

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