A Sequence of Events

Editor’s Post


5:30PM – Arrive home from work, climb over laundry pile to collapse on bed. Set alarm on iPad since phone is broken. Wonder what is happening with Bumble matches in this broken phone interim.

7:20PM – Wake up from alarm. Tussle greasy, unshowered hair, pull on boots over jeans that have a stain from spilling soup on them earlier that day. Leave apartment.

7:45PM – Arrive at donut shop fifteen minutes before closing. Order cream crumb donut. Regular donut with cream on top, then topped with angel food cake bits, topped with powdered sugar. Eat while walking down Brooklyn street.

8:10PM – Arrive at comedy venue. Sit next to co-hosts. Gawk at gorgeous bartender.

10:00PM – Post-show hang out with co-hosts. Continue to gawk at bartender, only now he is talking to some ditsy blonde patron who is giggling and showing him her phone. He is smiling too.

10:o5PM – Continue to glare at bartender and dumb girl.

11:00PM – Leave bar, walk home.

11:25PM – Before home, stop in to Calexico and order a burrito for takeout. First try declines the $15 purchase. Offer different card. It works.

11:30PM – Wait in restaurant for burrito order. Stare out window onto Brooklyn street. Girl from Florida hometown who stole number one high school crush walks by, laughing on her cellphone.

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