Some Things That Have Happened To Me In NYC

Editor’s Post


Adding on to my college experiences.

Adulthood has changed nothing. Some highlights from the past two years!


  1. A boy I liked casually said that he thinks blackface is okay “as long as it’s done well.”
  2. A boy I liked said at the end of our terrible first date, after which I no longer liked him because he was disgusting, “So, haha, when’s round 2?”
  3. A boy I liked at work had me do extra work for him even though we were in completely separate departments because he knew I would say yes because I liked him.
  4. A boy I liked ghosted me and then texted me four months later at 2am and got angry that I wouldn’t see him that night.
  5. A boy I liked yelled at me on a four-hour bus ride.
  6. A boy I liked called me “flippant” at a pub.
  7. A boy I liked told me that I’m a bully.
  8. A boy I liked patted me on the back and called me “dude”.
  9. A boy I liked ‘read’ my Facebook message but didn’t reply to it.
  10. A boy I liked told his little sister to block me on Instagram.


Happy 2017!

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