Liz Arcury Editor/Creator


Liz is a writer and comedian living in NYC. She’s been featured on McSweeney’s, Splitsider’s Humor Section, The Boston Globe, and more. She attended Boston University and was voted first runner-up for “BU’s Funniest Student”, which she clings to very desperately as mascara runs down her face. Contact her at She wants to work for you.







Dana Beguerie is elated to be contributing to Rocks at the Bottom. Previously, she covered Independent Wrestling for the website Women of Wrestling and was recently published in the online magazine Ms. Fit. She lives in the Boston area working as a social worker by day and captains a dodgeball team, teaches ESL, writes and performs sketch comedy, and is sometimes a competitive lady arm wrestler by night. You most likely have something in common with her and she would love to talk to you about it. You can read more from Dana at her website





Ross is a student at Boston University. He once took a sailing class that was cancelled halfway through, so rock the vote. To hear more from him, check out @RossOnTheSide.





Rob watches a lot of television. He once got an A in a college course called Understanding Television, which means he understands 93-100% of television. Stalk him at and @rzapp815.







Isabella is a senior at Boston University pursuing public relations, acting, and unfortunately probably also waitressing! Also she loves cats! Nonetheless, she smells pretty normal and isn’t much of a writer, so she hopes you can still enjoy her story of rock bottom-tude.







Jana Arcury lives and works in Melbourne Beach, Florida. She enjoys time with her family and two dogs.








Bryan Russo is a proud independent member of the BU Callbacks. He is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature. He enjoys people-watching, bird-watching, Clock-Stoppers, and contributing to up-and-coming comedy websites.







Dan Gaylord waterskies not because he likes it, but because he can’t swim. He also loves movies and hopes to one day become a director who makes big action movies and sweet RomComs. Watch him grow up at .












Lauren Kester once rode in an elevator with Al Roker. She tweets about this event frequently at


Wanna contribute? Email us with some ideas:

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