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The Prestige

Editor’s Post   Fall of 2006 was the beginning of my freshman year of high school. I was decidedly more “chill” about everything than I had been in middle school, deciding right up top that popularity wasn’t going to be my ultimate goal, as it had been for the entirety of my previous academic experience. … Continue reading

Insurance, Insecurity

Editor’s Post   “Do you recreationally street race?” “No.” “Have you, in the past calendar year, taken part in the riding of a motorcyle or similar motocross vehicle?” “No.” “Do you have any violation points on your current Florida state driver’s license?” “No.” “Great, now we can move on to the next section.”   I … Continue reading


Editor’s Post   “Sorry we’re late. We were having a vent sesh.” Two mid-to-late 40’s female public relations firm employees shed their scarves and jackets, making more noise by throwing all of their lunch break field trip luggage onto their desks than you might imagine was possible based on your past accessory removal experiences. A … Continue reading

A Sequence of Events

Editor’s Post   5:30PM – Arrive home from work, climb over laundry pile to collapse on bed. Set alarm on iPad since phone is broken. Wonder what is happening with Bumble matches in this broken phone interim. 7:20PM – Wake up from alarm. Tussle greasy, unshowered hair, pull on boots over jeans that have a … Continue reading