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Home Decor

Editor Post   Months ago I bought an IKEA chair that is red and stylish and represented to me my pursuit of writing, as it sits elegantly below my desk and begs to be sat in while I clack away crafting the perfect dialogue.   It quickly became and remains to exist as my Snack … Continue reading

Measuring Up

Jillian Richardson Guest Contributor   Maria was the person that my Mom paid to make me fat. It was three years ago, my senior year of high school—supposedly the best time of my life. I didn’t understand why my mother and a dietician had paired up against me. Each of them kept on trying to … Continue reading

That One Time

I used to manually pick out those powdery candied hearts that I thought had the most suggestive message and put them into a ziploc bag to drop onto multiple boys’ desks in elementary school. Valentine’s Day was always fun and adrenaline-filled. Would I get a Tweety Bird holographic card from Jensen in my self-decorated bag … Continue reading

Where Is Leo

Making a writing website about rock bottom moments with the promise to publish twice a week and over a year devolving to getting something up once every three weeks and realizing all this while laying in a disgusting room with laundry forming a colorful tongue of clothing throwing itself up out of the hamper in my … Continue reading